Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

When I Was Dead, I Didn't Care What Happened Next

So in my dream, I was dead. I was dead and I was hanging out with a young woman who sort've resembled a mix between Jennifer Love Hewitt and Rottensick (Two pictures there, one per word-half, although I wanted a third...which Ms.rottensick so kindly posted in a comment below).

Seems that when you die, your default afterlife-self bears a striking resemblance to the state your shuffled-off mortal-self is at (so the recently dead just look kind've nasty, long-term dead look all horror-show, ancient dead are pretty much dust), although you can opt to look better than your default self (or, in theory, worse. Or just different) and the more recently dead you are, the more recently dead other folks look (so someone who died earlier today isn't shocked by zombies a go-go).

Anyway! This young woman was quite friendly and charming to the recently dead me, but she just couldn't put up the ruse of looking nearly not-dead for long and switched to her honest default form (one could see straight through the front and back of her ribcage, most of her forearms were gone so her arms ended at the elbow and had disembodied hands, etc..) Seems a number of the dead look down with disdain on those dead folks who try to look less-dead.

In the manner wherein dreams provide you with false memories so it allows for better continuity, I could gather when she was complaining about these "fleshies" (that was the term in the dream) that it was comparable to "furries".
Tags: dream
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