Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Mr.Ghost Goes to Town

Things are looking dire on the Halloween costume front.

I found all the bits of my old James (from Pokémon's Team Rocket) outfit, but the wig is a bit threadbare (hey, it's WalMart from about a decade ago...did you expect quality? It was the only wig of the proper shade of blue that Lisa and I could find the week before Halloween).

Although I have oodles of ladies' clothing, it's just not working out all that well dress-wise -- the only ones I have around are built for folks about half a foot shorter than myself (so an otherwise normal dress ends up looking empire-waisted on me, and it's hell getting them to close around my ribcage) and for some reason a blouse+skirt combo just doesn't seem to cut the internal mustard. That, and either my low heels have shrunk or my feet have gotten larger. My blonde wig's hunky dory, but I'm not sure if I care for just about everything save for my nylons being two sizes too small.

The third default idea is just to dress anachronistically and foolishly out of odds and ends, but I've yet to track down a good hat for that (and that would also involve the blonde wig; you get a well-made professional blonde wig and you just can't -not- wear it!)

In non-Halloweeny news, I managed to get the local Domino's to try putting the Oreo Pizza on regular crust instead of thin crust -- the change has upgraded it to "palatable", although it's still shy of "good".

Oh, and if you're ever watching newer Scooby-Doo films and you see a three-girl goth-pop band called the "Hex Girls"? Jane Wiedlin is doing the voice of the lead singer. If you have the misfortune to be watching Tom Goes to the Mayor and catch the Pipe Camp episode? The surprisingly cute and charming large woman running the camp is Sarah Silverman in prosthetic-mass disguise.
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