Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Beauty and the Beat

Remember this person? She came in again! Alas, it was again while I was in the midst of work. This time, she was wearing a strikingly out-of-place padded white vest (not out of place based on the weather, which is good sweater/vest weather at the moment, but just that it was rather odd looking) when she was in. When she left, I asked Paul if he actually knew her and he gave a typical round-about Paul answer (such that a half hour later I realized, "Hey! He never actually said anything either way!" and pestered him about it more directly). Seems he "knows her from around" but doesn't actually know-know her (IE: Name, age, music taste, marital status, bloodtype, estimated dowry, etc..).

But! He said he'd keep an eye out for her, and that apparently she had white hair a while back. As in, she bleached it as pale as it could go, then dyed it further to almost bone white.

Time goes by, I get off work, I hit the store, I start to head to Cristor's, and... she's walking up the street as I'm walking down the street (apparently she went to Cristor's after leaving the New Moon). When she was walking, she was doing this finger-snapping half-singing half-dancing walk thing that I tend to do quite a bit.

So that's three more pluses (1. weird clothes again, 2. odd hair styles, 3. similar body language) and two black-strikes (1. Paul doesn't really know her, 2. I chickened out and just gave her a smile and nod as we walked past each other).

Oh, and realized she kind've resembles Jane Wiedlin. Might just be the matching hair and similar facial structure.
Tags: jane
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