Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Whir when it Moved, Pop when it Stopped

There's a car owned by a pal of someone who lives next door to where I work that I've been coveting.

The car itself is some Thundercougarfalconbird 1970s thing that looks straight out of Starsky and Hutch; the color even fits, given that it's not far off from the gas-station orange/yellow that's the background of this TikTok user picture.

A secondary appeal the car has is that the engine, when running, sounds like a big lawnmower on its last legs. The primary appeal the car has is that when the engine is shut off, it makes a sound like either a giant flying-pendulum clock suddenly crashing into disuse, or a dishmachine-sized toolbox being dropped out a second-story window.

I have to cover my mouth from laughter every time it pulls up and stops in front of work.
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