Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

In Heaven, There is no Beer

So here's a graphics layout question.

At Cristor's, we've a slew of beers (at a pub? Quelle shock!). Recently they had me update the beer list menu whoosit and I'm starting to run out of space. Now, they're all set up in a similar format. Vis:

St.Bernardus Wit Bier, Germany
St.Bernardus Pater 6, Germany
St.Bernardus Prior 8, Germany
St.Bernardus Abbot 12, Germany
Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse, Germany
Aventinus, Germany

South/Central America
Dos Equis XX Special Lager, Mexico
Red Stripe Lager, Jamaica
Corona, Mexico

..etc.. My issue is that there's a number of them (like France's Belzebuth, Austria's MacQueen, Italy's Draco Birrifico Montegioco, etc..) where it's one country with one beer. What I'd really like to do is give a broad heading "Continental Europe" and lump all of Sweden, Holland, France, Czech Republic, Belgium, etc.. under that, with the individual countries after the beers. We already lump all of North America together (for Canadian and US beers) as well as South America (as seen above) and the UK, so this'd end up with the broader categories of North America, South America, UK, Continental Europe, and then the 'misfit' listings of Ireland, China, Japan, and Sri Lanka.
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