Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Clothes Hoist

So on my way home from work, a cop pulled over to the side of the street and waved me over.

It wasn't for anything bad, just odd. He asked what my style of clothing is called. Eh... dunno? Mine? Late 1980s geek-chic? Some sort've post-modern Teddy thing?

What I was wearing (and still am) is a blue dress-shirt with small maroon vertical stripes (so from a distance it looks like a dark blue when it's really two colors). Dark suitcoat with a very floppy silk handkerchief hanging out of it and two chopsticks straight up. Dark dresspants, black leather shoes (actually tank boots, but they look like dress shoes). Mostly dark blue paisley tie, red and black marbled vest (kind've like a Holstein cow, if cows were red with black mottling), and a fedora.

Sort've has this Thomas Dolby thing going on.

Sort've has this Harry Anderson thing going on.

Sort've has this Joe Jackson thing going on.

Sort've has this Ducky from Pretty in Pink thing going on.

Of course, when I got to Cristor's, I related the story as being stopped by the police for being "too cool". Yes, I live in a dream world.

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