Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

So, someone at work copied the Placebo cover LP for me..

Song No.1 - Kate Bush. Not bad, but really lacks the 'running' feel with the slower tempo.
Song No.2 - Pixies. Cute.
Song No.3 - Smiths. As 'cute' as Smiths mope-rock can get.
Song No.4 - No clue whose song this is. Sounds like it could be Jesus & Mary Chain.
Song No.5 - No clue again, but seems to be called '20th Century Boy'. Could be T.Rex, could be Bowie, could be Iggy Pop? Heck, as far as I know it could be Yves Marchand (Ok, I know it's not Yves Marchand, but it's what I'd expect).
Song No.6 - No clue. Sounds sort've like Trent Reznor.
Song No.7 - No clue. Some piano thing. Kept making me hum Cat Stevens' Wild World.
Song No.8 - No clue. Some song in 6/8 time. Maybe Depeche Mode.
Song No.9 - No clue. Might be called 'Daddy Cool'. The rhythm section made me think of Kraftwerk's "She's a Model".
Song No.10 - Sinead from 'Lion and the Cobra'. Not bad, but again I prefer the original.

So, 40% recognition and all the ones I recognized were ones where I not only know them but have the original albums. Songs No.4 and No.2 were cute, though.


EDIT TO ADD: At work today, Paul (my boss) was showing me his plans for the "Foodie Club" (some frequent-food sort for the customers). There was no end to my mocking the name. When he asked what better ideas I'd have, the first was 'Academy du Gastronome'. Nope, didn't like that. So, I thought a bit more and suggested the "Vore Club", pointing out '-vore' as the eating part of carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, et cetera.. He sort've likes it, so I may have a chance to sell him onto the idea.

Obviously, he has no 'Fetish Lore'. I -do- so hope I pull this off.
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