Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Books and Bad Food

So I started reading Neal Stephenson's "The Diamond Age: A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer", but I'll warn you now.. if anything bad happens to poor Nellodee, there shall be Hell to pay! I like the theory espoused on that Wiki page about Diamond Age potentially being the same world as Snow Crash, just half a century later.

Also talking about books, I was trying to find the Shakespearean character whose name was a screwy pronunciation of a French name (Jacques, pronounced "Jay-kweeze", in case you're wondering) and came upon the existence of Google Books (much like when I stumbled upon the phonebook aspect of Google). Rather keen stuff, that.

In far less erudite fields, I decided to try out the Domino's Oreo Pizza. Eh.. hrm. Ok, it's much like my story of when I tried out the "Blueberry Surprise" at Dysart's. Yes, the top is crumbled Oreos in some sort've marshmallow fluff type affair, but the crust? Ok, it's like a pilot cracker. A really big thin pilot cracker. Just pretty nasty (but if you keep rats, I'm sure they'd love the crusts). I'm thinking it might not be so bad if they instead used the "Crazy Bread/Cinnasticks" as a crust, so it's poofy and raised instead of thin and crunchy; if folks want to start a nigh-useless grass-roots campaign, you can order one (it's just $4 or so), see how bad it is, see if you agree that the crust's the problem, then write to them here.

Oh! So I'm still really wanting to make a LJ Community to discuss bad films on SciFi. Last night, The Triangle had Stargate's Rodney McCay (as well as a rather fetching gap-toothed B-film actress I've seen here and there). And starfangx? Scope out this week's Robot Chicken. Yes, that -is- the voice of Blur doing the MicroMachines ad.
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