Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

A Dozen Blushing Cherubs Wheel Above

Cherubim, Colin. Cherubim.
Seraph, Cherub, Zimbra, and Nephil vs Seraphim, Cherubim, Zimbrabim, and Nephilim.

OkCupid - MatchMe!





Do you Match Me?

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OkCupid - Free Online Dating!

PS: It's not really a 1,000+ question test, but instead a thingie based on 1,000+ questions I've answered. Note also that recent tests have shown it has at least a +/- 34% margin of error; I and any folks who take the above test might like/hate each other 1/3 more or less than the produced results. Do not take the test while driving a motor vehicle or within thirty minutes of consuming food. The answers are measured by weight and not volume, some morals may have settled during shipping.

PPS: Pending drinking game idea. You pick a person, name an article of their clothing and an article of your clothing. The person then gets to opt between drinking or swapping those articles of clothing. No, nobody gets to leave the room to remove said clothing, although it's perfectly fine to do whatever you can do on your own to preserve whatever modesty you want (as in, it's fine to hang your shirt down like a makeshift skirt if you're removing undergarments). After either happens, they now get to pick someone. So it's pretty much your self-chosen balance between sobriety and modesty. And yes, it's perfectly fine to mis-wear clothing (spare socks on your hands, underwear on your head, etc..)
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