Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Abdominal Snowman

I've had a very strange discomfort as of late. Generally, it's been manifesting right before I go to bed, right before I go to work, and right around when I get home from work. It's not really a pain as it's like the butterflies one gets when nervous, or the odd feeling just before your stomach growls, or how it feels the next day after doing far too many sit-ups. Last "night" (about three or four hours after I went to bed) it was enough so I had a hard time falling back to sleep until I worked out that it died down when I was lying on my left side.

Pretty sure it's not appendicitis since poking at my abdomen doesn't hurt (well.. no more than one would expect poking at my abdomen to hurt), and when I do belly-dancing contortion things, no odd lumps or bumps are showing up in there. That, and it's just discomfort and not the "a ghost stabbed me!!" pain that folks with appendicitis claim. Of course, my reading of how Jack Benny died fairly quickly from pancreatic cancer has me worried -- lung cancer, you know when your lungs aren't working well. Heart cancer? Same thing. Brain cancer? Same deal (generally). But pancreatic cancer? I'm not sure if I'd notice my body having a hard time.. eh... panking?

In other news, I saw Darkness on SciFi the other night. It made up for the dismal sequel to A Stir of Echoes quite a bit! It's got this Shining/Susperia thing going on and a pretty keen ending.

And for allegedly, have you seen the Wiki thing for The Clock of the Long Now? And I'd forgotten that the French Revolution wanted to use Decimal Time (which I softcoded a while back).

In other other news, I would like to see London. I would like to hit New Orleans for Mardi Gras. I would like to have a leisurely evening ice cream float in Hays City, Kansas. I would like to see at least five museums, churches, and underground sites in Paris. I would like to hike at least 30 miles over the course of two days in the Scottish Highlands and also in County Cork (rowboating around the Shetlands also sounds nice). I would like to visit the capitol of Ethiopia. I would like to visit Baghdad (it's the heart of Western Civilization -- back in Gilgamesh's day, it was the city of Ur). Not much interest in Italy itself, but I would like to visit the Vatican, the Most Serene Republic of San Marino, and maybe Andorra. I would like to spend a week in Moscow or Petrograd, then take the Trans-Siberian Express to Tokyo for another week.
Tags: mystery pain
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