Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Pity this Monster, Manunkind

It's so very, very hard to resist the temptation to reply to folks who say (when pre-Character creation on a MU*), "Why should I play a human-type? I play one in real life!" with, "[sarcasm] Which explains why there are so few popular Pokémon, Pern, Dune, and Harry Potter games out there. [/sarcasm]"

In other news, does anyone out there in TV land have those Hellraiser/Nightbreed crossover "Jihad" comics from 1991 or so? I've been half-mulling over the idea of using that as a MU* setting, but I can't recall exactly why the followers of Leviathan (AKA: Hellraiser's Cenobites) don't get along with the children of Baphomet (AKA: Cabal's Nightbreed).

PS: I just saw an ad for "L.A. Ink", coming soon to TLC (hard to miss when one has a thing for goth girls) -- if any of y'all have seen it, any clue who is doing the cover of "Dancing With Myself" in the background of the ad?

PPS: Nevermind! "The catchy "Dancing With Myself" cover you hear in the spots for the new TLC Channel Miami Ink spinoff; LA Ink is by the French musical collective Nouvelle Vague." Anyone have a copy of this Nouvelle Vague song?
Tags: rpg
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