Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

I hate to see you leaf

I can't recall if I'd announced my semi-evil plan LiveJournalisticaly before -- If any readers live in the South, I would very much like to get ahold of a number of kudzu seeds and/or "root crowns".. As per the seeds, "Flowering occurs in late summer and is followed by production of brown, hairy, flattened seed pods in October and November, each of which contains three to ten hard seeds. Seeds, however, are only produced on plants that are draped over vegetation, fences, and other objects. Only one or two viable seeds are produced in a cluster of seed pods." Based on that, the root crowns might be the better bet...if you dig down underneath them, you'll find a big nodule affair going on that seems the hub of activity. In theory, it'd work like a potato where you really just need that nodule to have a new one spring up.

Although most sources claim that kudzu isn't crazy about places whose winters get below the freezing point of salt water, I'd love to see how it does in Maine.

In other news: Mystery Rose-Eating Moss in the Pacific Northwest!! If any backyard botanists out there know what the heck that is, I bet Leighgion would love to hear from you.
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