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Dit dah dah Dah Dit dit dah dit

Remember when I had a flea in my ear about the weird little morse-code style dots that came with one of LiveJournal's layout design style thingies? maxineofarc had one that did it, I think. mgrasso did, as well. I can't recall the style name, though.

Anyway! I found another one!

This time, it's ..::...... ..::.: ::..:..:.: .:: .: ::..

In checking the previous ones I'd jotted down, if one counts the spaces as characters, there's almost always an even number of them -- mind, it's like.. 4 with even characters, 1 with odd it's hard to say if I screwed up copying that one, or if it's actually a 50/50 chance and even's on a winning streak.

I might be on to something here..

Ok, M.Grasso has a very low LJ Dbref. DJBoobwhack has a higher one, Tiara Jewel has an even higher one. If we compare these, and call each option of "Space, Period, or Colon?" as a "unit":

MG = #53841 = 14 units = ..::::. .::...
DJ = #169920 = 24 units = ..::...... :. ::: ::::::
TJ = #12501635 = 40 units = ..::...... ..::.: ::..:..:.: .:: .: ::..

At first I thought it might be a variation on the bar code, but that has no-line, narrow line, medium line, and thick line. Quatrinary notation. This is using Trinary and it's not on a 1-to-1 basis (IE: a simple replacement code) per digit, so I'm betting I'll have to break the dbrefs down to prime factors... maybe. That might be silly, since if a LJ Dbref ended up as some high level prime, you'd just have one huge mongo number. MG's LJ Dbref breaks down to 3 x 131 x 137, DJ's to 26 x 32 x 5 x 59, TJ's to 5 x 877 x 2851. So nope.

Perhaps if I broke them down to a base other than 10? A lower base means you need less differing symbols to record the data, but you need to use more of them. Higher base has the opposite with a wider range of symbols, but fewer of them. With this apparently being base 3, I have my doubts. I'll have to try it out when I wake up tomorrow.

And note that DJ's and TJ's both start with ..::...... though, hmm..

New day, new base!
53841 in Base 3= 2201212010 (10 characters)
169920 in Base 3= 22122002100 (11 characters)
12501635 in Base 3= 212112011000112 (15 characters)
Tags: geek-chat
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