Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Familiar Face

For those in the know about Kingdom of Loathing, let us presume I have Smee, the 11-pound Spooky Pirate Skeleton (136 exp, 136 kills) in my Familiar roster (which I do, so it's not that hard to presume). As far as I can tell, I can't sell or give Smee to anyone since he's no longer a "pre-familiar", right?

Any clue why there isn't a way for me to sell Smee to someone, with the name still remaining Smee (until/unless the new owner changes its name) and still with 136 kills/exp under its 11 lb belt? I rather like raising up familiars, even when they're pretty useless (...I'm looking at you, Sadu Judas, the 4-pound Stab Bat...) and I wouldn't mind getting into the habit of hatching a familiar, raising it up a dozen pounds or so, then selling it off to folks. Trouble is, it doesn't seem possible (and I'm not entirely sure why).
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