Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Dignity and a Plum

Psst! theoldanarchist! You know how you mentioned that you hadn't heard any of the more recent REM?

Well, here's a zipped version of "In Time", their post-IRS version of Eponymous. It covers up to 2003, so that's Green, Out of Time, Monster, Automatic for the People, New Adventures in Hi-Fi, Up, and.. Reveal? I'm not sure if Reveal was before or after 2003. Anyway! There's all that, missing just tracks from Around the Sun (which, well.. you're not missing much).

Click on the following link to download:

Oh, and don't get too cheered on by "All the Right Friends". It's an older song of theirs (that I have on a bootleg somewhere, I think... possibly the same one with "Narrator" and "Why Don't They Get On Their Way"?) that they recently did a version of, 20-odd years down the road.
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