Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Where do your fingers go?

So I just finished talking with Ophelia Culpepper (great22grand-daughter of Sir Thomas Culpeper the Recognitor, born in the Year of our Lord 1170), and it seems she's been cribbing.

Well, not really cribbing per se, but grinding her teeth in her sleep. So her dentist suggested some tooth-guard dental-dam type affair that'd cost a pretty penny, so she instead went with a cheap and easy "boil and bite mouth guard" affair which seems to be doing the trick (other than keeping her awake at night since she half-wakes up and panics about having this weird thing in her mouth). We got to talking about this, and it turned out to be a grand example of standard "Western" medicine vs the more homeopathic "Eastern" medicine.

Problem: Young lady is grinding her teeth.
Western Answer: Jam this thing in between them.
Eastern Answer: Find out why she's grinding her teeth.

..she asked the dentist about why one would be grinding their teeth in their sleep and what's been looked into for means of getting folks to stop grinding their teeth in their sleep, but it seems the dentist had no clue. They'd never even thought of the notion of trying to attend to the problem instead of just overcoming the symptoms.

Anyone have any answers? I can imagine two routes, one of which would involve trying to somehow wrangle oneself to not tense their jaws as much (perhaps through acupuncture? Concentration techniques?), the other of which would be a sort've "Externalized Lucid Dreaming". For that latter one, imagine the ways one goes about training oneself to control one's dreams, but instead to try to control the actions of your body while you're asleep; the sort've thing you could do to "train yourself" out of sleepwalking, or if (for some alien reason) you wanted to train yourself to sleepwalk. I honestly can't say I've heard of either being in regular practice, though, but it's the sort've thing that strikes me as a gem of a notion to do some research on.
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