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A nifty little thing I half-stumbled upon.

Ok, so long ago and far away (like, 10-15 years ago in Canada), Jane Siberry started to run a small label of her own called Sheeba since she was getting a bit annoyed with corporate music practices. More recently (around the time she started to go by the name Issa, to rhyme with Lisa), she started to provide her songs through the Sheeba website.

Here, watch this little news infoblip about it:

(it might take a little bit to start up, so give it a while)

Anyhoo! So I knew that Issa had this "pay what you will" thing on her website, but what I hadn't seen before is that she has set up a thing to show some demographics for how it's working out:
Paid Below Suggested = 07%
Paid At Suggested = 80%
Paid Above Suggested = 13%

Avg Price/Song = $1.17 even using the honor system, she's still getting 93% of the folks to pay standard price or higher, and is still turning out 18 cents (I'd use the cents symbol but well... we know about -that-, allegedly) per song higher than the common standard of 99 cents.
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