Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

A Bartered Camera Borrowed

[Insert Charley Brownian "aaarrrggghhh" here]

So I get the digital camera all set up to take shots of my regular trip to work. Things go all fine and dandy, tra la la, even get a nice chance to snap a picture of a bluejay hanging out on someone's porch.

I get to work and find that to retrieve the images means finding a computer with a port for the little saltine-cracker memory card...which the normal computer doesn't have. We've a laptop that has that port, but then I'd need to network the two or something.

Fine! Fine.. no problem, I can do that tonight when I get home. Bored (and waiting for Torchwood to load), I look through the pictures using the little viewscreen on the back. Hrm.. what I'd -thought- was a nose-print on the screen (why couldn't they've put it off to one side?) turns out to be a raindrop that managed to land dead-center on the lens about five pictures in. So there's around five pictures that are fine, and about fifteen that have anything interesting in the center of the frame blotted out by a raindrop.

[Insert more muttering]
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