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Sleep, Sleep, I know that I'm only dreaming.

So there's a question posed over here with an example by me:
"I was recently trying to see if there was a technical term for the "in-dream invented backstory memories" (EG: In a dream you pick up a book from a shelf and wind up its central spring, like you do with books, you know? -- Obviously, books aren't clockwork. But in the dream it seemed perfectly normal as if books just were always clockwork. What I was and am wondering about is what the term is for those in-dream memories that preserve continuity within the dream)"

-- youngwilliam

It's a good question. I have no idea. Anyone out there in TV Land have any bright ideas? It seems like the sort've thing that you'd guess someone had coined a term for (oneiromemoria..whoosits?), but my passing Googly-research is just turning up examples and terms for when someone suffers a trauma and has "false memories" implanted by their subconscious for what went on -- which is similar, save that these aren't due to trauma.

PS: Also involving leora, this is just awfully keen!

PPS: And in asking a someone I know who is an editor for one of the leading dictionaries out there, she had this to say:
The word I keep coming back to is "cryptomnesia," which the Med Dictionary defines as "the appearance in consciousness of memory images which are not recognized as such but which appear as original creations." That's pretty close. I think it was coined by Myers (of the Myers-Briggs Personality Test), and it refers to subliminal or hidden memories that are not apparent to the supraliminal consciousness. could come up with something that's based on "cryptomnesia" and "automnesia" ("memory of earlier experience without any apparent associative condition"), since what you're describing has to do with continuity. I guess that would be "autocryptomnesia"? No, sorry,
"cryptautomnesia"--secret suddenly revising memories.

But if you want to go with the Greek "dream-memory," then yep, it's "oneiromnesia."
Tags: dream, etymology
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