Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

The World Goes By like the Humid Air

So for those wondering what's up on the latest Anna Rebecca Ophelia Culpepper front:

Although I'd called her since the last time I reported on it, "that subject" hadn't come up again. This time, last night, when I called her it was with the intent of asking about CosPlay (not that she knows anything about it, but she's been dabbling with plaster casting as of late so I thought she might know someone who'd have advice about taking an elastic open-weave cloth and soaking it in spirit gum, making a sort've papier-mâché). It was looking like the conversation wouldn't go "that way" until she mentioned that a pal of hers (Angie) from years ago was shipping her out to Austin to visit. She thought this sounded dandy, but she was also concerned due to (...drumroll...) her feeling that the bulk of her friendship with Angie was based upon a false-front she had presented over the years with the intent of making herself seem more like the kind've person Angie would get along with. And to make matters even easier, Ophelia was the one who made the comparison between her concerns with Angie and her concerns with myself.

So yes! We actually managed to broach the topic in a round-about way, discussing it with the ease of using her and Angie as an example. That, and it's a pretty clear sign that she wasn't just using it as an easy cover in place of, "No, because you're a freak, William." I even got to point out to her that it's not the nicest reason from the perspective of the other party, since they only way they can attempt to back up their claim of actual feelings is by proving her wrong -- although that was with the disclaimer that nothing says all of our actions have to be presented in the nicest of ways nor for the nicest of reasons.

The downside is that due to her not being able to exactly pin down what it is that she presented as disingenuous (her term for it, not mine), about the only way to resolve it is to "get to know her real self".

That's easier said than done, since I don't see much of a difference. That, and it'll take another 18 years!! Argh! ..well ok, maybe not another 18 years. But still...

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