Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Odds and Ends

Saw the Christina Ricci werewolf film "Cursed" the other night (well, I saw most of it. I came in just after the initial chomping/mauling took place and folks were starting to wonder, "So does this mean I'll turn into..."), and it wasn't bad! I rather liked their angle on canines getting lycanthropy. The basic notion is that a person with it turns from a person into the big hulking muzzle-faced modern-style (IE: More like "American Werewolf in London" than like in "I was a Teenage Werewolf". Known as 'Crinos form' to those WoD folks out there) and not the critter form. It's when a canine catches it and shifts that you get the big hulking Ice Age dire wolf thing (WoD fans? That'd be the Hispo form). And it's just been a matter of confusion that folks have presumed it's one person turning into big dog-faced thing, and into huge honking worg, and into a fairly normal looking canine.

Never the less, Ms.Ricci really needs to put on weight again. She looked far better back around "Sleepy Hollow" or "The Opposite of Sex" (part of it might have to do with her really really big head).

I fiddled around with the graphic manipulation of liatarded that'd I'd been meaning to do.

Yes, I realize full well that the font up top has to be more reader-friendly. I'll be the first to admit that I barely know what I'm doing, here. It'd be easier if I just printed up the text and pictures, arranged it by hand with glue and Scotch tape, then scanned the end result. I also tried fiddling around with lightness and contrast to make the background fade a bit and her look darker, but the end result just looks like bad data compression issues. C'est la vie. Looking, learning, moving on (as they say).

I rather like Saul of the Mole Men on [adult swim], but they seem to fall just a notch short of really good. Myself, I think they'd do a better job of doing a Krofft parody if they attempted to keep some of the "innocence"? Cases in point, less vomiting, less blood, less sex stuff. I'm not saying all shows have to be like that (heck, without blood and vomit, where would Dorkin's Milk & Cheese be?), but I think Saul would be helped out by it if it tried to keep the mindset that Land of the Lost had, where the claymation dinosaurs and the Sleestaks were supposed to be nerve-jarring on their own (emphasis on 'supposed to') without forcing any shock value.

Moral Orel (also on [adult swim]. It's a Davy & Goliath parody) has been pretty good this second season and the end of the first season. The pilot was pretty weak, but it's been making up for lost ground (since about the time Orel gets his dog JesusBartholomew). Oh! And on the [adult swim] religion front, I've been having far too much fun playing their Bible Fight Flash animation game (and no, not just because of a rather fetching portrayal of Eve). I just wish there was a pause button on it.
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