Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

See You in the Funny Pages

The other day, I was writing up transcriptions for Scary-Go-Round and remembered that Bloom County once gave a term for the little bubbles over the head of a drunk person, and the little "This person is dazed" floaty-bits as well. A little Google-searching turned up other folks citing it, but no-one really listing them. In order to make future Google-searchers' lives easier...

Bulble : The bulb over an inspired-person's head.
Surprisles : The sun-burst halo of emotion.
Swivles : Curving zip-lines to demonstrate rotating motion.
Moovles : Concentric lines haloing a moving part, resembling quantified "frame like" movement. Can also represent shaking.
Sweatles : The sun-burst halo of sweat-drops to signify concern or alarm. Often seen in alarmed anime characters.
Zipples : Upward-aimed zip-lines.
Shooples : Downward-aimed zip-lines.
Poofles : The dust-clouds thrown up by impact (sometimes with stars, birds, etc..)
Boozles : Bubbles over an inebriated person's head.
Cranial Smoke : Generally a sign of consternation and/or grumpiness.
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