Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Picture Pages

So I went to try to ferret up some photographs that I'd been half-looking for for the last, oh... year? Thought I'd provide some visual reference.

When I name RPG characters "Chad H-[something]", I'm stealing this fellow's name.

Chad Hardacker, ladies and gentlemen. Looking pensive while writing.

The person I was fretting over in that post the other day? The one I'm crazy about?

That'd be her, years ago.

When I talk about having odd dreams about some "Michelle" person?

That'd be the Michelle person (in Jaimie Robertson's apartment. Yes, that's an occupied apartment. No, that's not water soluble paint...she just gave up hope on getting her damage deposit back one day and it all went down hill from there).

castevet will get a kick out of this one:

It's starfangx as 'Crazy Jenny' from Dark Shadows.

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