Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Wine! Wine! Wine!

Yesterday, I noticed this wine at work. I'm just -really- liking that sundial! Not sure about the Latin, though. Left side is something about time and life, right side has something about shadows, bottom has something about praise and the name of God?

“Vita fugit, Sicut umbra”
“The life flees like the shade”
“Laudabile nomen domini”
“It is necessary to rent the name of the Lord”
“Sit nomen domini Jesu benedictum in secula”
“That the name of the Jesus Lord is blessed during centuries”

..featuring more slick French monastic sundials than you've ever seen in one place!

PS: I blame karjack, quizzicalsphinx, mgrasso, and elaina for the fact that I am, at this moment, listening to "Crane Wife", "Picare.. Picard.. Picarwhoosit" and "The Tain" on random shuffle at work.
Tags: etymology, le musique
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