Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Aunt Theobald?

Is it just me, or does this person look like if Lovecraft had a sister?

And to make the easy segue from Lovecraft to cats: So before we had the two cat-sisters that we have now, we had Drusilla. Drusilla went out one night last autumn and never came back, so we've been reticent about letting these cats out right off the bat. We waited until there was a decent amount of snow on the ground (so they'd have incentive to not want to stay outside) and would only let them out during the day. Slowly, over time, we've been letting them out later in the day if they wanted to go out. The other day (like.. under a week ago) though, we noticed that one of them kept wanting to come back in when no-one had let her out (PS: For 'wanting to come back in'? They've worked out how to scratch at the frame of the screen door so it pulls it back and it *slams* against the frame. Yes...our cats knock to be let back in). It took me a while, but I worked out how she was somehow doing a Blink Cat routine and beaming outside (Only starfangx will really understand how odd this layout is. Maybe dehuman8).

She's going upstairs to the second floor, and cutting through my apartment into the upstairs kitchen. The back door to the kitchen is open so she heads out that and down the back stairs to the back hall. From there she heads down into the basement, cuts through the laundry room and into the workshop, where she heads out the basement back door. So go from ground floor indoors to ground floor outdoors, she's heading up to the second floor, down to the basement, and then outside.

I've no plans to close the upstairs kitchen back door since, well...would -you- get in the way of a cat that's -that- determined to get outside?
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