Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Dreaming of an Anthill

Odd little part of last night's dreaming.

Seems there was this videogame much like the computer version of Civilization where each player built up megacities (a la Judge Dredd); you'd sort and divvy the resources, work on growth here and there, etc.. and could try aggressive corporate take-overs of surrounding megacities (IE: Other folks' stuff). Someone was talking with me about if this could be adapted to online text-only MU* gaming for a while, and I thought I might as well check it out on my own.

So, I went into the cities. Yes, the "cities" that were part of the game were a thing one could visit that were just -teaming- with folks. The entry into the cities was charming since it was kind've like the start of Star Wars (Episode 4) where you first just see a bit of it and then realize that little bit is just a tip of a spire of a far -far- larger thing. It was much like "House" in Tad Williams' Otherland.

Anyway, so I was zipping around down on street-level with the folks who lived in the cities, who apparently were other players. For some reason I was dressed like the 8th Doctor Who (the one from that one movie) and I was on some sort've floating chair. It was a high-backed Victorian affair (like you'd expect for the 8th Doctor), but it hovered like Rygel's (from FarScape's) throne. As per usual for myself and hovering, it was like a Newtonian physics demonstration on ice so I constantly had to grab onto things to slingshot around them if I had picked up too big of a head of steam.

At one point I was quite positive I saw liatarded's picture on a house (seems most of the housing was a terrace type affair and folks tended to put what amounted to Icon/Avatar/User Pictures as the front wall/window in twelve-foot by twelve-foot prints), but I was having horrid luck getting up to the terrace level that the house/apartment/condo was on.
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