Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Resistance is Futile

Enterprise update!

First One

This'd be "the Borg" one. Not as bad as I'd assumed (so far) since it's not introducing the idea that maybe the Enterprise ran into the Borg but never bothered to tell anyone.

Instead of being the Borg being -way- out of their Delta Quadrant corner of space, it picks up when folks find the wreck of the sphere-ship that crashed back in First Contact, about a century earlier. Seems two Borg were frozen in the ice and, like Carpenter's "The Thing" or Lovecraft's "Mountains of Madness", the polar scientists had the bright idea to thaw out the evil beasties. Then things are covered for why these events in the 22nd Century (2153, as a matter of fact) were the last Federation-seen Borg activity until the 24th.

Second One

How Archer and Trip and some Carradine met, and convinced StarFleet to ignore the Vulcan warnings and push ahead for experimental shots to reach Warp 3. Eh.. Pretty much "The Right Stuff", as told in flashback.

Third One

Again with T'Pol and the antibiotic gels! Hot Vulcan women are waiting for you at 1-976-PON-FARR. It would be highly illogical not to call.

Dr.Phlox: You're disturbing my serum!

Fourth One

4000 km swath cut across Earth by some gyroscope-looking kamikaze laser probe, about 1-3 million dead. What a way to start an episode!

More additions to follow as the block continues.
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