Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Sticky Black Oil, We'll Boil Your Soil!

So I'd noticed the new Apple vs IBM Compatible ads, and was glad to see that Apple was admitting defeat (with their computers represented by a ne'er-do-well hippie, beneath the notice of viruses, unwilling to plan before hastening into action where angels fear to tread, and drinking cappuccinos in Italian restaurants with Oriental women, as opposed to the dapper and respectable IBM computer-person, over-brimming with forethought and humility), but what I didn't realize was that the IBM was represented by John Hodgman, AKA: The Deranged Millionaire of They Might Be Giants' "Venue Songs" fame ("Venue Songs" is them doing a ton of songs with only passing relation to places they've played. Case in point, "Vancouver" has reference to a music-club called 'Richards' on Richards', although it features a woman who rather reminds me of Aly@Paris:lFdM. It can be tracked down over on in Flash animation).

Makes me proud to use an IBM Compatible, let me tell you!
Tags: le musique, telemedia
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