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1) Let us presume one knows half of a couple getting married. The person one knows, one knows fairly well but not so well that one couldn't call in sick or whatnot and miss the wedding. But! One also has been rather sweet on that person for quite some time. Would it be ok-fine to pass on going to the wedding due to the fact that you morally feel bad about attending a ceremony that wracks one with jealousy? And for those wondering, no.. it's not about any upcoming wedding nor couple. It's actually in reference to a wedding I passed on attending about six years back? Eight years back?

2) For those who dabble in matters WoD, namely Changeling, you know how Chimerical things can't affect Mundane things when there are Glamour-Free witnesses afoot? Have you always thought that this means the Chimerical things just pass through the Mundane things (like a bad blue-screen ghost-effect), or that the Chimerical things are stopped 100% (pushed aside, or destroyed if they can't be pushed aside) by the Mundane things (so thrusting a purely Chimerical dagger into a tree in front of normal lumberjacks means the dagger vanishes)? I'd always assumed it was one, and recently I found someone who'd always assumed it was the other; apparently both of us always assumed everyone else took our personal takes on it.
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