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Blast and Bother!

So a few days ago, my computer screen seems a bit duskier than it did before. Mind, the TV also looks the same way so I attribute it to dusty glasses (or my impending demise. More light! More light!). After it gets to such a degree that I can't even see black text on a blue background I finally decide to fiddle with things. Cranking up the brightness and/or contrast on the monitor helps out some, but not a lot. A few hours pass, and it's darker still.

Fine! Fine! I've had this happen to a television in the past, no big whoop that it's happening to a computer monitor. So I hook up another monitor we had kicking around while waiting the few days before heading out and picking up a new one and.. ..same thing (albeit a little less dark). So now I'm thinking it might be the video card itself instead of the monitor going south.

And for added fun, the present video card isn't a separate component but is instead part of the primary motherboard. In other words, I can't just pull the old one out and slap the "new" one in. "New" since I actually have a few video cards to choose from to toss in.

So yes, this has been my fun week off from work. (The sad part is, I actually do find this kind've thing fun)
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