Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Another odd little mediocre show on late-night SciFi. 'Roar'.

The premise/setting is a tribe of Celtic-types in 400 AD England, staving off the Romans; for the first few times I caught it I had the sound off so I'd no clue why SciFi of all channels was showing it.

Then when I turned the sound on, I found out why.
Upside: It has a very very slight supernatural element. Case in point, the Roman in charge of taking the Isles has an advisor.. Longinus. Yes, -that- Longinus, the Roman soldier who stabbed Christ with a spear and is now doomed to immortality. In an episode a while ago, they basic premise was they were heading out to deal with a supposed banshee hanging around. Turns out it wasn't a banshee but just a 'normal' woman who was plagued with foresight into upcoming nasty events (and thus tended to loudly exclaim her grief). For that, I'll give them props. It's always nice when someone can make a supernatural force not much more impressive than 'Transmute Rock to Stone' into something interesting in a story.
Downside: The historical accuracy bites. Big-time. Not as bad as the Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog (AKA: Celtic Power Rangers. AKA: Powyr Roingyrs), but only about one or two notches up from Mystic Knights. And not just historical accuracy, but just general accuracy (Case in point, some archer woman is with these four folks who get jumped by bandits. At first it's fine as she retreats a distance to the tree-line and starts to pluck off folks with her bow. But after a bit, she runs into the battle and starts to beat folks up with her bow like it was a quarterstaff. No, she didn't run out of arrows. No, she didn't get dragged into the combat range that an archer has no place in. No, the bow wasn't damaged even though it was being used like a bo-stick or some such Weapon of Bonking).
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