Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Felix Borealis

Last night's dream, as usual, was in parts.

The earliest bit I recall, I was apparently in relationships with two folks, although I don't know if they knew about each other. One was an actual real-world someone who dated a pal of mine back in High School, and the other was an actual real-world someone whom I barely know, but is friends with a number of friends of mine. The only actual 'fooling around' scene in the dream was with the former, but there was a gist that it was going on with both of them.

Post-fooling around, I knew that the aurora borealis was going to be pretty strong, somewhere, that night, so I set out into a field to find it. Apparently it's not just in the sky like usual, but a thing that wanders around. I was going to check one way, but my cat (my actual real-world cat), who happened to be with me, was really rapt in attention at something atop a hill in the other direction. At first I thought the cat was just interested in some small animal or something, but then I remembered that cats can see ultraviolet better than humans can, so odds are, that's what she was noticing. She wasn't too pleased with me taking a while to work that out (as usual for my dreams, the cat was sentient).

Coming back in after skygazing, the large complex building I was residing in was starting to flood. I and a few other folks started to gather up folks to help them move to a higher floor, but in checking the first room, there was an unresponsive person who looked like Gabriel Garcia Marquez in a military dress uniform, instead. Apologizing for the confusion, I started to leave the room, but noticed a snake in the room, by the door. The snake had a hood like a cobra, but was red and fairly "stubby" (like you'd expect a gummi cobra to look like) as well as constantly out of focus. Avoiding the snake, I went to the next room and again found a fancy military Senor Marquez in a uniform and a blurry red short cobra. Pretty much every room after that had a cobra in it that, if it bit someone, turned them into a person who looked like Senior Marquez, wearing a uniform.
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Needs more symbolism. ;-)
I largely blame the uniform bit on this costuming in a recent episode of Warehouse 13 -
Good post. Food for thought.