Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

What Happened to the Other Eight Lives?

Seems one of our two cats (sisters) just died.

According to my Aunt, she (the cat) was at sleeping the foot of my Aunt & Uncle's bed and one of her (the cat's) legs started to flail, not unlike a dog getting scratched. That stopped after a bit, and the cat looked very surprised about it for a while. She went back to sleep, they started to go back to sleep, and then the entire cat started to flail. That kept up for a bit, and then nothing.

They waited a bit, called to her, poked her with a foot, then went to check her pulse and breathing. Nope.

We're guessing a stroke (which, for those wondering, gets its name from the idea that one was struck by an invisible weapon by a passing fairy. Stroke is short for "elf stroke". The more you know!), currently. Before putting her in a box and taking her downstairs to the basement, I opened her mouth and popped her tongue back in, since the tip was sticking out a bit; just because one is a dead cat, one doesn't really have to go to the grave looking like an idiot who can't keep her tongue in her mouth.
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