Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Walking on Air

On my way to work today, I got to thinking about my "I Love the 21st Century" Greatest American Hero spiel. This side-tracked to thinking about a remake (which apparently they're planning, as a film. To quote wikipedia, "A movie based on The Greatest American Hero is scheduled for release in 2012. Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller, and Will Ferrell are all being considered to take on the role of Ralph Hinkley." Shame they can't consider someone that I don't generally loathe - Brendan Fraser would be cool as Ralph!), and I got to wondering, if one absolutely had* to make a new TV series...

1) Should it just be a remake, ignoring the original series?
2) Should it be a sequel, where the suit gets passed on to someone else?

I'd lean more towards the second, since the learning-curve was one of my favorite parts of the show (much like the same curve in early Ben 10, early Heroes, early Primeval, et cetera), but it'd be hard to cover why Ralph would pass the suit on to someone else without teaching them what he's already worked out.


* If you're the sort of person who refuses to think about it since it's just begging the question to say that they would have to re-make it, I'll officially label you as "no fun". I'll give you geek-points for using the proper classic definition of "begging the question", but still... No Fun.
Tags: q&a, telemedia
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