Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

L'Tyrannosaurus Roi

Last night's dream had some Sliders sort of thing going on.

The alt-world initially had a very "video-game setting come to life" feel. I want to say it was like a mix of Zelda64 and Chronotrigger. Initially, things seemed awfully sketchy since there were large predatory dinosaurs visible through the trees now and again; dinosaurs that were strangely crude, like poorly made clay figurines.

We (I was with about a half dozen folks, but I was teamed up with one person who was some character actor) found some steps off to one side and that led to the civilized folks. Although they spoke English, the writing had a far more French influence (basically like if a French-speaking person were to write out English words based on sound) than standard English writing. When some authority figure saw me trying to puzzle out what a sign said, that sort of stuck me with pretending to be rather stupid, while my team-mate had to take the 'smarter' role.

Things seemed to be going relatively well in the recon department, until we were about to leave and I was trying to get my coat from the checkpoint (so I could smuggle out some music from the alt-world) and it seems they'd searched my pockets and found a tin of Altoids. Apparently in the alt-world, being caught with something that might be drugs is as bad as actually being found with drugs; since they didn't know what Altoids were, I was facing drug charges (which I began to gather would be a death-sentence or something equally horrid, if I kept up my IQ:80 ruse).
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