Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Notes From Beyond

1) Earlier this week, I had a dream where I was trying to convince Moriah that I really needed a haircut. She kept telling me, "No, no. It's fine, Will". Before too long, I looked in a mirror. My hair was all combed over to one side and reached down to around my ankles. I thought to myself, "I don't care what she says; I think this is too long."

2) Priscilla heard a band/artist on the radio whose name she heard as Nielsen, and that she thought I might like. Alas, she didn't say what this Nielsen actually sounded like, nor have I had any luck in finding it. Yes, my first thought was Nilsson (as in Harry. As in "Lime & the Coconut", as in "Me & My Arrow", etc...) but she said it was someone newer. Anyone out there know who she might be talking about?

3) When I was looking up angel halos in a reference book of mine last week, I came across these two bits of paper together:

I didn't remember writing that shopping list looking bit (even though it's in my handwriting) and thought to myself, "Hmm. I wonder what the odds are of finding this Deanna person online? Oh, let's go for broke and check Facebook! Like that'll work!". It worked. In checking her Wall, she apparently listens to jazz, likes kosher food, and reads modern supernatural fiction. I honestly have no memory of running into this person nor getting her phone number (which is written normally on the original note, by the way) and I have no clue how I could have forgotten this.

The blue paper that the phone-number and name are written on were torn off of some newsletter or flier, dated July 1997, so it was obviously from some point in time between then and 2000-ish, and the shopping list makes me think it was a thing I was supposed to hit Silo Seven to get (maybe. I mean, I generally already have a dozen sets of playing cards at any given point in time)? I'm just all confused. Yes, I wrote to her via FaceBook (on the 27th) to see if she recalls anything on her end, but I've yet to hear back.
Tags: dream, le musique
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