Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

My Witchy, Twitchy Girl

So I've seen the film-version of Coraline (with Priscilla, before she left (and came back to) town), read the graphic novel version, and read the book version, in that order. Although some folks would say I'm missing the point, I'd still like to know more about the nature & origin of the beldam; seems she's been doing this at least every couple centuries, but no clue why/how she picks the folks she's picked. Nor do I have any clue if she's been doing it more often than every couple of centuries, or if it's just that every few hundred years she picks someone who "lingers" better than the other folks have.

I also just ("just" to the tune of half an hour ago) finished three stories in a four-story collection called "Mean Streets"; all four stories are about private investigators in a modern-supernatural setting. The first is a Harry Dresden story, the second is one of Simon Green's intentionally cheesy Nightside stories (he also does the Deathstalker space-opera books), and the third was a charming little story by someone named Kat Richardson about a ghost-seeing PI named Harper Blaine. I'll have to poke around for more of these Harper Blaine books.

I had a few troubles last week, trying to use my new Visa Debit card as an ATM card. One machine I hit didn't recognize it as anything, and the second told me (twice) that I was getting the PIN wrong. Through the kind graces of the folks at the corner store (who know me well enough to let me test it, since they know I wasn't trying to hack somebody else's account), I was able to do some testing. Seems there was either something wonky with the ATM, or I somehow twice entered the PIN incorrectly at the ATM. Either way, once I have it sorted out how to get the funds from the checks to the Credit Union (they've nixed all the downtown branches as far as I can tell), I'll be good to go in the "actually getting to use the money I've earned" department.
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