Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Facts & Figures

One of the things I'm endlessly charmed by, with online RPG, is that one can suggest, "Maybe have it do between 10d3 and 30d3?" without it being a cruel and/or surreal joke.

Semi-related, has anyone out there in TV Land seen dynamite, grenades, and/or C4 go off? I know the movies go with the big fireball effect for them, but I strongly suspect most of them have just concussive force (unless you're basically standing next to it) in the real world, unless the bomber intended a mini-Dresden result.

Unrelated, there's a lousy zero in my new cell-phone number, so I can't make a full word or phrase out of it. The best I can get is DULL-059 (or FULL-059), which isn't much of an improvement upon expressing it the olde fashion'd way as Evergreen 5-5059.

In High School, I always liked to save phone numbers in hexidecimal (EG: 3AD2D3), but that depends on being able to conveniently knock them back into base 10.
Tags: phone, q&a, rpg
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