Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Say, Allegedly

Do you, or does anyone else reading this, have a handy-dandy dial-o-matic list of the funky WoD Vampire Disciplines that are unique to a particular Clan or Bloodline (like Viss is with Tzimisce, like Obstenebrahoosit is with the Lasombra, Mytherwhatevercia is with the Kiasyd, etc..)?

I had this funky idea over here ( ) concering having it that any vampire can pick up any of these unique Disciplines as long as they diablerize someone of that Clan/Bloodline. Note that they'd have the same generation-cap to that Discipline as the particular vampire they drained to death (so zapping a 12th Gen Tzim will get you some Viss, but you'll never be up at the 5th dot of powers with it), they'd still have the aura-markings like your normal 'zap a better vampire' Diablerie does, and that if/when they started to learn that Discipline, they'd probably start picking up funky traits that are normally part of that Clan or are theoretically subdued in that Clan (EG: Drain a Tzimisce and start picking up Viss? You'll find that when you heal damage the new tissue isn't exactly what was there before. Drain a Lasombra and start picking up Obstenebrahoosit? You'll look a bit foggy in mirrors. Drain a Kiasyd and start picking up Mytherwhatevercia? Your eyes will start to turn black like two 8-balls. Drain a Gargoyle and start picking up.. um.. whatever the thing they have is? You'll start to get a bit bumpy-skinned, grey, and your shoulderblades might start to poke out a bit).
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