Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

The Devil's Fishbowl, Honey

So, today at work, we finally got around to getting the oversized flat-screen TV hooked up in the bar, as part of the New Moon to Luna transition. We'd had it hanging on the wall for a while, but didn't have it actually getting anything until this afternoon.

Before it was turned on, there was a woman sitting at the bar eating, making small talk with the bartender. There was some fellow who hadn't been there before, walking around looking at the various (empty at the time, since we'd just opened for the day) dining rooms. There was a couple sitting at a table in the bar talking among themselves.

After it was turned on, within ten minutes of it being turned on, the woman had stopped talking and was just eating while watching the screen, the wandering fellow sat down at the bar, and the couple's conversation swiftly dwindled.

The sound wasn't even on.

And it was just one of those generic cable channels where there's scrolling headlines at the bottom, weather on half the screen, and a talking head on the other half.

I don't know if I like this paradigm shift. Actually, I know I don't like it.
Tags: work
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