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Snowman is an Island

Last night, I walked to and walked back from a generally uneventful New Moon employee Christmas party. It was rather blizzardy yesterday, so the walk back involved working through knee-deep snow most of the way (about a mile? Mile and a half?), with half of that being uphill (since Paul lives on the other side of Kenduskeag Valley from myself). Halfway back, I paused to lean up against a tree and admire the snow covered river. It was a short pause, since my heart was just beating at a rate and intensity that did nothing for my peace of mind. While walking, I didn't notice the cardio activity at all due to the act of walking making it like stars against the sun (to paraphrase Leonard Cohen), so I didn't spent too much time admiring it. Getting home, I thought I really ought to scope out my vitals, just so I can jot them down and folks would know what killed me.

Pulse = 110 bpm
B.P. = 122/78

For those who aren't in the know about such things, an average BP is about 120/80 and the standard range for "fine" is 110-140/70-90. So, perfectly fine. And pulse rate? According to a few formulas, 124 bpm - 165 bpm would be hunky dory for aerobic exercise for me, so 110 bpm isn't anything to even sneeze about.

I really don't know if I should be relieved or disturbed by this math -- I mean, as per usual for my recent examinations, all tests are showing my heart to not only be fine, but to actually be better than one would expect for a (little under a) pack a day smoker in his late 30s. That still doesn't make the recent awareness of my heart beating and the occasional little "grinding" beat any more comfortable.

About the only event of the X-Mas party that preceded this was that I got a chance to ask Paul about exactly how he "ran into" Priscilla (as mentioned in the previous entry). Seems he was passing by the Pakistani restaurant downtown and she waved to him (I'm unsure if she was actually going in or coming out of the Pakistani place, or Metropolitan Soul next to the Pakistani place -- he was interrupted at this point in the story and had kind of skimmed ahead). It took him a moment to recognize her, but when he did, he talked with her a bit, mentioned the X-Mas party, and asked if she'd like to attend. She said that she would and that she'd try to stop by the New Moon. I'm wondering if Paul mentioned that the party wasn't actually on Christmas. I hate having to rely on second hand information like this.

PS: The Pepper Chocky Cake I mentioned a bit ago? The "pepper juice" is really pureed chipotle peppers. I edited the post to cover that revision.
Tags: mystery pain, priscilla
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