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Subj: Updtae 12/19‏
From: Philipe Defechereux (
Sent: Fri 12/19/08 2:52 AM
To: Steve Wilhite (
Cc: William J. Young


See Omicom Group newsflash below. The global crash is hitting everyone hard (*) and all the contacts you so kindly established for me have, understandably, gone silent. I trust you’re doing OK and I thank you again for what you did before the storm hit. If you have a new idea, feel free to share.

Meanwhile, my survival skills are being put to the test. Me and millions of others.

Be well,


(*) As you probably heard, Honda shocked the Formula 1 world by abruptly withdrawing from the championship, effective immediately, last week, and yesterday Subaru announced that they were quitting the World Rally Championship, also effective immediately. NASCAR is losing sponsors and participants by the boatload, and we all know what is happening to the Detroit “Big Three.” Bush and Paulson will kill them, slowly, before Obama is sworn in. The UAW mobilized against the Republicans for the 11/4 election; big mistake in timing.


Chrysler Agency BBDO Believed to Be Most Vulnerable

Dec. 17, 2008

NEW YORK ( -- The industry's largest holding company, Omnicom Group, is preparing a massive layoff of nearly 5% of its global work force of 70,000, according to executives close to the situation. The executives would not confirm which divisions or agencies would be affected by the estimated 3,500 job loss, but it is believed that BBDO, the agency for ailing Chrysler, which lost its flagship Pepsi brand business this year, would particularly feel the cuts. Earlier today, Ad Age reported that Omnicom media agency PHD was laying off 30 people and closing its Atlanta office. For more on this breaking story, go to -- Michael Bush

Contact the Editor:

Subj: Re: Updtae 12/19‏
From: Steve Wilhite (
Sent: Fri 12/19/08 4:39 AM
To: Philipe Defechereux (
Cc: William J. Young

I’ll keep thinking and see if I can’t put you in touch with other good folks. It’s a brutal environment, the worst I’ve ever experienced. I wish I could be of more immediate assistance.

A junk E-Mail routine? An honest mis-mailing? Time shall tell.
Note, though? My middle initial is not "J".
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