Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

I Canna Give'r Any More Power, Cap'n!

So SciFi is showing the Star Trek: Next Gen where Scotty shows up.

I think I thought this before, when I first saw the episode -- so Geordie and Scott use the Jenolan's hail to open the port to the Dyson Sphere, then jam the Jenolan in there to hold it open so the Enterprise D can fly out (beaming the two engineers out of the Jenolan just before blowing it up so they can fly out).

Why didn't Geordie and Scotty just keep hailing from a safe distance, so the port kept opening and closing, like waving your hand in front of an automatic door?

In other news, PCHC took the blood for the cholesterol and blood-sugar tests this afternoon. Alas, I forgot to ask how soon I should expect results of the actual tests -- I'll call tomorrow (if I remember) to find out the when and to see if I can get a transcript of the findings mailed to me. Probably also ask about the EKG from last week, since I've some pals who like to sit down and chat with me about the deciphering of the readings. And interestingly, the Merck Manuel listing for 'Angina Pectoris' (Latin for 'hurty chest') and Atherosclerosis are strikingly similar to, although not exactly like, the weird heart stuff. At least the second one, the pending blood-tests will hint at.
Tags: geek-chat, mystery pain, telemedia
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