Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Hermaphrodite in Style

This just in by way of Io9 - A Prometheus & Bob episode-compilation site!!

Ok, so here's the deal. Nickelodeon had a show called KaBlam! that was kind of like Liquid Television, but for kids. It had the Robot Chicken-esque "Action Team Now!", it had this neat Peanuts-like "The Off-Beats" (EG: the kid says he has a talking dog. The pal of the kid doubts it. The dog says, "Bow". The pal snarks, "Yeah, right.. like that's talking." The dog says, "No. Bow to me. Now."), Life with Loopy (which was like Angela Anaconda), et cetera..

Anyhoo! One bit they'd show was Prometheus & Bob which was supposedly found footage from a high-tech extra-terrestrial video-camera unearthed from prehistoric times, as an alien (nicknamed "Prometheus") attempted to teach a local neandertal (nicknamed "Bob") how to do things. It's just grand!
Tags: telemedia
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