Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Well, Split My Infinitives!

In lieu of 4400 is In & Out -- Frank Oz film with Kevin Kline as a slightly "swishy" English teacher, Mr.Brackett, is about to get married to Joan Cusack (mrowr!). A student from a few years ago wins an Oscar and thanks "His gay teacher, Mr.Brackett" in the acceptance speech. Kline now has to try to convince folks otherwise.

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There's a number of cute cameos, like Bob Newhart as the Principal, and Tom Selleck as an Inside Entertainment reporter trying to milk a story out of it.

Ok, so I'm unsure if I missed a scene or if it was cut for time, but why -was- he marrying the lovely Ms.Cusack? Was she a "beard", as the slang term goes, like some rumors about Cole Porter's wedding? Did he not come to terms with himself until after dating her, and continued it out of a sense of obligation? Did he not come to terms with it until the wedding itself? It seems a bit big of a point to just leave it untouched on.

Woo hoo! 4400 on after it! At this rate, I probably shan't watch Torchwood until this weekend.
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