Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Wonder-Twin Networking-Powers Activate!

Does anyone know someone on ModelMayem.Com, well enough to ask them to forward a message?

I believe I'm looking for this person's older sister, but obviously the website has preventative measures against random folks sending random messages (since they'd tend to be of the non-random creepy stalker sort and not of the "Maine as in Bangor, Maine? And if so, does that mean you're Cat's little sister? And if so, do you have contact info for Cat?" sort), thus requiring me to find someone who already has an "in".

PS: Might be moot! Through Facebookery, I tracked down a Francesca Anderson who is living in Montreal, is of early college age, and among her (oodles of) pals, has associates in Bangor. Message sent, time shall tell.
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