Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Miss You, Hiss You, Lovecraft

For those who know Lovecraft, you know the shoggoths' "Teke-li-li!" affair and how it was supposedly them imitating some Primordial One speech?

For those who don't know Lovecraft, imagine if some folks in the far-fetched future set up trained "Parrot Monkeys" to do their bidding. At one point, the Parrot-Monkeys rebelled, overthrew and slew their keepers, and then deverted back to savage beasts...but kept creepily repeating some phrase from their human keepers' language, that sounded like "Teke-li-li!" (NOTE: odds are the keepers weren't speaking English nor any modern language)

Now that both groups are on track, what seems like a good notion for what "Teke-li-li!" meant? Something that makes sense and is kind've creepy would obviously be best.

My leading notions are:
1) Help! Murder! (IE: the keepers' last words)
2) Do this! (IE: Akin to the Stargate Goa'uld and their "Cree!")
3) Yes sir, right away! (IE: What the shoggoths/parrot-monkeys would say)

Poll #1069390 What say you?

Roughly translated...

Help! Murder!
Do this now!
Yes, sir! Right away, sir!
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