Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Man of 1,000 Faces

The products of toying around with (thanks to mgrasso).

Me, female (sort've, since there's a bit of a sideburn there)..

..and supposedly as a Manga character (although it looks more like Michael Jackson)..

..and if my genes were spliced with a chimp.. I supposedly would look as a child.. I would supposedly look as a (apparently Demon-Possessed) baby..

..and how I shall supposedly look when old.

PS: The "Older" versions of two other pictures

In other news, does anyone know of a musician by the name of Jack Johnson (little Sarah Hiatt recommended him to me), and/or have a copy of the themesong for The 4400, and/or have the extended mix of the Pet Shop Boys' cover of "You Were Always On My Mind"?

And in other other news, remember that person I thought looked like if Lovecraft had a sister?

Angelique's (from Dark Shadows) sister!

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