Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Come See! Come Saw!

So I was talking to myself about weeds (there might be a photo-example of these in a few days) and something came to mind. You know how when historical Scottish folks yell out, "Gardy Loo!" before they dump their used washwater into the street, and how that's a corrupted version of the French "Guarde l'eau" (or however it's spelled), which means (more or less), "Look out! It's water!!"?

Ok. Alley oop. Not the caveman, but the thing folks say when someone is hoisting someone (or something) up? Is that not blatantly French in origin? Allez...something? Any Francophones want to take a crack at this one?

Without looking anything up (I'll save that until I get home), I can clearly tell that "allez" would be a word of passage. All it takes is a slight vowel shift and you get the English "alley" (as in alleyway), much like what it takes to get from an Old World "salon" to a New World "saloon".
Tags: etymology
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