Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Try the Priest

So I was talking with a pal of mine last night about why she'd vanished offline for a week and change. The reason being that a pal of hers was in town to get married and she's the maid of honor, so they had pre-wedding stuff to do. One of the wedding stipulations is that, as maid of honor, she can't get her hair cut nor dyed in odd ways.

I mentioned to her after this that I actually just cut my hair the other day, using the tried and true "Tie it in two pigtails and then cut the pigtails off"-method. She mentioned to me after that that I should open up a self-serve barber-shop.

To which I said, "Great! I can make it a combo self-serve barber shop and hair salon! The sign above the door can read 'Please Cut Yourself and Dye'!"


In other news, did no-one tell Peter Gabriel while he was working on this song that Cheap Trick had already done it?
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